Welcome To My Lovely Ribbons N Laces

Welcome To My Lovely Ribbons N Laces

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


RICRAC is zigzag shaped ribbon. It comes in many colors and sizes.
Suitable for your sewing and handcrafts like decorating cards. etc

1) Orange -Code No: RX 001
2) Fluorescent Green -Code No: RX 002
3) Light Pink -Code No: RX 003
4) Dark Pink -Code No: RX 004
5) Fluorescent Blue- Code No: RX 005
6) Yellow Code- No RX 006
7) Red- Code No : RX 007

8) Light Blue-Code No RX 008

9) Light Purple- Code No: RX 009- OUT OF STOCK

10) White- Code No: RX 010

Width: 4mm
Price: 0.85 per meter.

Friday, November 5, 2010


New Beautiful Satin Ribbons with borders...

RS 504
White with alternating red and grey hearts and red border.
Exclusive design with high thread count
Width: 1 inch (15mm)
Price: RM 5.00/meter

RS 505
Maroon with honey color polka dots and border
Width: 1inch (15mm)
Price: RM 3.00/meter