Welcome To My Lovely Ribbons N Laces

Welcome To My Lovely Ribbons N Laces

Friday, February 26, 2010


Do you still remember playing this traditional game, "batu serembat"?.

(Some people call it "batu seremban").

People used to play this game using 5 pieces of stones, but as time goes by, people

started to use small cloth sachets stuffed with small stones, beans, coarse sands etc

so that it will produce less noise and causes less trauma to our hands.

Besides, it will have nicer and colorful appearance as compared to the original stones.

This games mostly played by girls.

For friends who are still interested in this traditional in the era of computers,

I would like to put this Batu Serembat for sale.

Small cloth sachets in variety of colors filled with green beans ,

come in a small matching cotton pouch. You can teach your little girls

on how to play this traditional game.


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